10 Handy Tools To Make Your Life Easier As An Affiliate Marketer

We all know marketing requires tools, be it your blog, the platform you use to create and host your blog, graphics, analytics, you name it and there’s probably a purpose for it. Today we’re going to check out some really handy tools to help you along the way. Let’s not waste another moment with introductions… you’re really going to like this one!



If you’re into using multiple fonts for visual impact on anything from blogs to social posts then this very handy little web-tool is for you. It works around core design principles to help keep your paired-fonts looking crisp and eye catching so you don’t have to worry about the technicalities of it all. Simply adjust the slider and watch what happens. http://fontjoy.com


Adobe Scan

This one is practically magic thanks to it’s OCR Technology (optical character recognition) which is geek speak for taking pictures of words and converting them into actual font so you can use them like any other word processing document would. Want to take inspiration off something you’ve read at the bookstore but don’t have the time to type it all out on that tiny keyboard on your phone’s screen? Just snap a picture of the pages into this free app and convert the text in those images into actual editable text you can then edit to your heart’s content!



Sticky AI

This nifty free app allows you to take snaps of yourself and create nearly-instant gif images of yourself which can be animated or still frames. You can then take those and use them anywhere they’re supported (which is practically everywhere these days) from Facebook to Instagram and eve on your own text and messaging apps. This is a great way to help you brand yourself if that’s your aim, or you can use it to take pictures of other things to your own liking, give it a try because it’s actually pretty neat. https://sticky-ai.com


Percentage Calculator

Sometimes figuring out a percentage for something, be it conversion rates, return on investment, segmentations or whatever can be annoying if you’re basic math skills aren’t up to par. Don’t sweat it if they aren’t most of us tend to forget all about our old math skills eventually, but you don’t need to worry about all that now. Just plug your numbers into the appropriate fields in this super handy calculator and get the answers you need in a flash! https://percentagecalculator.net/



This one is meant to be helpful for those who are in the Instagram marketing scene. If you know anything about it then you’ll know what I mean when I say that hashtag spacing is a pain! With this took you can have a much wider separation or gap between the text/description and your chosen hashtags which makes things look much cleaner and really helps those tags pop!




Similar to the Sticky AI app already mentioned above, this app allows you to take some pretty neat images and create looping animations from them. Not only is it capable of that, but it can do this with still images and some pretty cool visual effects as well! This app has both a free and a premium version so how far you choose to go with it is completely up to you but it’s definitely worth check out the free version to see if it suits you. Check out the website to get a good idea of just what this super handy app is truly capable of. https://plotagraphs.com


Hemmingway Editor

You probably use some sort of word processing program to write your articles and other documents. Well, this one in particular is very handy if you’re in need of that little extra bit of assistance in ‘grading’ your writing performance. This free browser-based editor has a number of helpful tools built right into it which do things like grade your writing based on a “grade level system”. It also highlights points where you might need help with things like grammar and sentence structure as you’re typing. This one is really helpful if the quality of your articles or books are of the utmost importance. http://hemingwayapp.com


Anchor Video

Ever seen those simple videos which are just an audio clip accompanied by text on the screen with some animated backgrounds, and perhaps the text itself is even animated? That’s what this really useful app is all about. It can create clips of informative audio/visual videos up to 5-minutes in length which you can then use to do things like promote an offer or just share with prospects as a clever way to share information. Check the site out for details, this one is actually super useful. https://anchor.fm


What the Font

Have you ever come across a font that you absolutely loved but had no idea what it was called? If you’re interested in an app which allows you to find similar fonts to the one you’ve got your eye on then this will be very useful to you. By just snapping a picture of the font and letting the app do it’s thing, you’ll have at your fingertips a variety of similar fonts which you can then browse for your own purposes. http://www.myfonts.com/WhatTheFont/mobile


Landscape by Sprout Social

Social media marketing can be a very powerful way to generate leads and sales. It’s important to hold your publications to a certain standard of quality and this tool helps you do that with your images. Using this helpful resizing tool you can upload an image and let this thing help you resize the image of choice to fit to the exact dimensions of your chosen platform such as Facebook and Twitter. It’s super simple to use and very helpful when you want to throw something up quick and still keep it looking crisp! https://sproutsocial.com/landscape


SwipeFile (BONUS!)

Here is a valuable bonus offered to you for reading the whole way through to the bottom of this article. SwipeFile.io is one of the largest databases of marketing related “swipes” you’ll find on the internet. Need inspiration for that sales letter your’e writing or just want to see how others are doing it (including some of the biggest names in marketing today), then this is the resource for you! And it’s all free- https://swipefile.io



This is the greatest tool of all and we offer it by the ton! Having all the greatest tools at your disposal can do great things, but only if you know what to do with them. At Powerhouse Affiliate we take affiliate marketing serious and have a proven track record of teaching proven results which can take even the newest of marketers and help them transform into a true powerhouse in the affiliate industry. Check us out, click our logo just below…



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    I'm just some guy who's decided to earn a living in the wonderful world of affiliate marketing! It's my hobby, my passion and quite simply something I really enjoy doing.

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    I'm just some guy who's decided to earn a living in the wonderful world of affiliate marketing! It's my hobby, my passion and quite simply something I really enjoy doing.

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