10 More Affiliate Programs To Help You Bank Big In 2019

Sometimes finding a solid offer to promote is time consuming, that’s why this article exists. Use the resources provided below as a quick & easy starting point to launch your new earning potential off the ground hopefully allowing you to soar to brand new heights.

The affiliate programs contained within this list are not ordered alphabetically for quick reference in the future if you should need to check back at a future time. The earning potential of each program on this list will vary independently of each other which renders ranking them in order of earning potential basically pointless. Keep this in mind when scrolling through the options presented to you below. Without any further delay, let’s jump right into it.


Affiliate Partners Ltd.


10 More Affiliate Programs To Help You Bank Big In 2019 1

First on our list is this little gem which boasts some of the highest payouts across multiple industries. They’re considered to be one of the first affiliate networks to do business within the finance industry and have at times offers which can go as high as the hundreds of dollars in payouts to successful affiliates. They tend to have quick payouts, a helpful support team to back you up 24/7 and offer an all around great experience for qualified affiliates who join.


Amazon Associates


10 More Affiliate Programs To Help You Bank Big In 2019 2

With well over one million products for you to pick from Amazon is quite possibly the largest online retailer to ever offer an affiliate program. Though it’s true their profit margins are slim when compared to most other options on this list, they far out-shine everything else in terms of brand awareness and marketability. It is because of these simple facts that thousands of affiliates choose to use Amazon to earn an income online, quite often times pairing it with other options from this list.




10 More Affiliate Programs To Help You Bank Big In 2019 3

A powerful competitor in the online retailer space for software and other online-based subscription services Avangate is there to give you an edge in the lucrative market of software based sales. With software being responsible for Billions in revenue generated every year it’s an easy decision to give this network a try if it suits your needs. They offer a marketplace for their affiliates to browse through which makes picking the right offers for your target demographic quick and easy.


CJ Affiliate


10 More Affiliate Programs To Help You Bank Big In 2019 4

Once upon a time known by the name of Commission Junction, CJ.com is still one of the largest affiliate based marketplaces online. Striking deals with notable brands it’s simple to use this network when looking for “alternative means” to promote larger brand names to your customer base. They are considered to be a slightly more prestigious option so approach them when you are ready to jump into a higher tier of affiliate marketing.




10 More Affiliate Programs To Help You Bank Big In 2019 5

Here is another option which probably needs no introduction. With nearly two decades in the game Clickbank is here to stay for the long haul. Specializing in primarily digital goods and services, they offer options for very high commissions upto %75 and in many cases you can even promote offers which boast a recurring commision structure granting you residual income opportunities. Clickbank is an excellent source of products to promote for anybody just starting out in the affiliate marketing community as well as seasoned professionals.


Commission Factory


10 More Affiliate Programs To Help You Bank Big In 2019 6

With over 500 brands to choose from you’ll discover that this option holds a very large earning potential for many affiliates. Signing up to their network is easy enough to do and with very limited barrier to entry nearly anyone can make an account and get started practically right away.




10 More Affiliate Programs To Help You Bank Big In 2019 7

If you’re in the make money niche then this is probably already a familiar brand to you. It’s worth noting that JVZoo does hold an emphasis on software based offers but there is a wide range of different types of products to choose from and finding something to fit your needs should be a breeze with their well crafted marketplace and easy to use search tools. They also keep a leaderboard which is broken down by the day, week and month for top sellers so looking for the best of the best offers to promote has never been easier than with this option.




10 More Affiliate Programs To Help You Bank Big In 2019 8

Considered to be one of the top e-commerce companies in the world granting affiliates access to well over 90k products from about 40k stores and a customer base of somewhere in the ballpark of 20 Million, Rakuten is a giant. Formerly known as Buy.com, they’ve since rebranded and made huge leaps forward in the e-commerce industry taking your income earning potential to the moon with it. If you are looking for great deals to promote in e-commerce then this is a very serious opportunity for you to look into.




10 More Affiliate Programs To Help You Bank Big In 2019 9

ShareASale has been in business for 18 years, exclusively as an Affiliate Marketing Network. Their technology receives accolades for speed, efficiency, and accuracy with a reputation as a fair and honest business which is known within the industry. You are encourage to browse around their website to learn more, but if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact them as they work closely with affiliates to help you success which makes this option a win for everybody involved.


Wide Markets


10 More Affiliate Programs To Help You Bank Big In 2019 10

Thousands of publishers grow their business by accessing Wide Markets campaigns from top global brands.Certified marketing companies, high targeted audience traffic or innovative advertising solutions can help boost your business to new levels. Wide Markets helps publishers to grow their business providing cutting-edge monetization solutions.Their high qualified publishers run campaigns for premium brands using the best skills and technology, while receiving the highest yields for their performance.


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