Affiliate Tips

5 Potential Traffic Sources You Overlooked

In affiliate marketing, it’s always about traffic. Isn’t it? Not just any traffic, though. As an affiliate, you want the most relevant, high-intent, and a clean flow of visitors to your landing pages or offers….

6 Mandates Affiliates Must Embrace for The Long Haul

Are you considering getting into affiliate marketing? Perhaps you already started your journey with all those things you’d need to do anyway: affiliate networks, affiliate managers, merchants, offers, traffic sources, campaigns, ads, blogs, landing pages,…

5 Business Essentials Affiliates Compromise On

Regardless of what you read on the Internet, affiliate marketing is a competitive business. Yes, it’s not easy. You can’t expect to make a million dollars overnight, and you can’t certainly just wish yourself into…

setup affiliate campaigns

How to Set up Affiliate Campaigns Flawlessly

Preparing to launch your affiliate marketing campaigns and to setup affiliate campaigns is never a simple task. While the process is almost always the same to setup affiliate campaigns, most affiliates make mistakes that would…