Vault Media Weekly Newsletter

Vault Media Weekly Newsletter – March 8th, 2019

Here are some great updates on our network this week!!

New Product Launch! Get It Now!

We have added a brand new Native Ads Course that includes:

– 3 Full Campaigns
– 15 Landing Pages
– 30 Ad Copies
– 7 Complete Training Documents with Screenshots (85 pages)

You can check out the full course HERE

2 New Webinars

We have added two new webinars to our library and also have a WEEKLY webinar schedule moving forward. That’s right! Every single Friday there will be an NEW webinar added.

How to Choose Profitable Affiliate Niches and Discover What Competitors Are Doing – Click HERE to watch.

How To Build Profitable Native Ads Campaigns – MGID Edition – Click HERE to watch.

Upcoming Webinar Schedule

March 15th, 2019 – An Overview Of Facebook Ads

March 22nd 2019 – Easy ways to Get Approved By ANY Affiliate Network

March 29th 2019 – How to Build Profitable Native Ads Campaigns – Revcontent Edition

New Offers On Vault Media

We have an awesome new Cannabis Stocks offer this week!

Green Gold – Marijuana Revolution
All Countries
Open a Helpdesk Ticket to Apply

Bitcoin Revolution
Open a Helpdesk Ticket to Apply

Powerhouse Affiliate Forum Updates:

Our Forum is full of great content and updated daily. Be sure to stay active or you may miss the next big leaked method or valuable tricks to increase your ROI.

Why Isn’t EVERYONE Running MGID + Gaming?
This is a great article if you wish to dive into Native Ads
Click Here to Read

Why Media Buyers Are The Most Powerful Players In Affiliate Marketing
A very great breakdown of the power dynamic within the Affiliate Marketing Industry.
Click Here to Read

Why Affiliate Marketing is Dead [Wink]
It was a very sad day…. 😛 Good Read!
Click Here to Read

[Traffic Quality] What Is The “Back End” And Why You Should Care
Something every successful affiliate marketer will have to face eventually. Time to get schooled on traffic quality.
Click Here to Read

That’s all for this week! Keep on grinding Affiliates!

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Super Affiliate at Powerhouse Affiliate
Bill Dorey has been in the internet marketing industry for the past 9 years.Bill has explored many aspects of the industry from working for Affiliate Networks & Advertisers to generating 7 figures as an Affiliate.
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